Not your ordinary vegan restaurant

Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant, stands out

Different dishes, meat, vegetables, sauces, rice, condiments and a drink station.

Everything seems so ordinary with this buffet-styled restaurant that we usually see in most food courts of the famous mall chain in the country.

Bodhi restaurant might be something new to the ears of many of us but this seems-ordinary food house has been satisfying the cravings of many vegan eaters in the country for more than eight years now.

It started with an idea to revolutionize the vegetarian eating experience. Dan Sy, Bodhi Philippines CEO began thinking of something new to the taste of the Filipino people. He saw and tasted a lot of restaurants in the Philippines but there is a recurring fact in every eating experience he had – unhealthiness.

A study led by the Harvard School of Public Health provides the strongest evidence yet that meat is bad for the health. A study of more than 100-thousand health professionals found that regular consumption of red meat, particularly processed red meat, was associated with increased mortality risk.

Variety of options

One daily serving of unprocessed red meat was associated with a 13-percent increased risk of mortality, and one daily serving of processed red meat was associated with a 20-percent increased risk.

This became his inspiration to fully operationalize a restaurant that will support healthy diet for longer life. This serves not only those vegans but also those ordinary customers who would still like to taste the tender meat without sacrificing the health aspect of the diet.

Tender Meat for a vegetarian dish

Many are not convince that meat could still be part of every vegetarian meal. If other vegetarian restaurant can’t, surprisingly, Bodhi restaurant can.

Texturized meat with curry sauce

A lot of people enjoy Bodhi’s great tasting dishes. The meat that they use as part of every meal is not the traditional meat from the poultry houses of Manila.

They called this texturized- meat which basically made out of soy protein. Texturized vegetable protein (TVP), textured soy protein (TSP), soy meat, soya meat, it has a lot of names but it means generally the same.

–This serves not only those vegans but also those ordinary customers who would still like to taste the tender meat without sacrificing the health aspect of the diet.–

It is a defatted soy flour product which is a by-product of extracting soybean oil. It is often used as a meat analogue or meat extender. It is quick to cook, with a protein content equal to that of meat.

“This texturized-meat became Bodhi’s trademark. This main ingredient of Bodhi food products became the reason why people always visit our food station,” said Mary Ann Pinente, one of Bodhi’s branch managers.

The food choices

Food choices from Bodhi restaurant

 Contrary to what others think that food selections from Bodhi might be unsatisfying and not that enticing, Bodhi takes pride to the taste and appearance of their foods and their food station as a whole.

“Not because we’re not using real meat means we’re producing less-tasting food selections. In fact we have mouth- watering and wide variety food selections that we offer fresh every day,” said Pinente.

They offer many Filipino and Asian favorites like sweet barbecue kebabs, curried gluten, pancit canton and bihon (stir fried noodles), fresh lumpia (spring roll), chop suey (stir fried mixed vegetables), sweet and sour gluten, and various vegetarian desserts.

Sweetened meat balls for lunch?

For a very affordable price, you can get a bite of these food choices. Not only you will experience a deliciously cooked meal but also you will feel good health in every bite.

“I like eating Bodhi foods. I always eat here. It’s healthy and delicious at the same time and it’s also affordable,” said Alex Santillan, Bodhi restaurant customer.

Bodhi’s budget meals start at P79 with two viands or dishes (choices of entree), one scoop of white rice, and one bowl of soup when available.

Meat with broccoli and mushroom for dinner

For a healthier option, order one vegetable plate consisting of mostly vegetables like chop seuy and pinakbet. Avoid having white rice, noodles and other sweet dishes.

Bodhi is a good choice and a much-embraced healthy alternative to all those other stalls at the food court.  As its name suggests, the food selections are enlightening. It awakened the sleeping vegan side of every Bodhi customers.

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