The best of Sagada

These pictures will only tell you how wonderful Sagada is. The nature at its best, the culture, the tradition, perfect.

These make me want to go back to, again,  experience the same feelings of perfection and serenity.  No regrets, just love.

The Sagada weaving shop

The Philippine wonder

St. Mary’s church- Sagada

Kankana-ey: Ethnic tribe of Sagada, Mt. Province

Green field of Sagada

Sagada hanging coffins

Sumaging cave

Tribal symbol for prosperity

Sagada’s Bomod-ok falls

Inside the cave: ‘The queen’

Inside the cave: ‘The king’

Inside the cave: ‘The prince’

Inside the cave: ‘The birthday cake’

The human ladder challenge

The Kiltepan view deck- The highest point

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Photo credits:

Star Alcorcon, Laurence Marbella, Alex Santillan