The pain, struggle and the life and death experience: A mother’s day tribute

“One, two, three, push! One, two, three, push!”


… “It’s a healthy baby boy!”

That was the time I came out from my mom’s womb and cried out loud for the first time. Well I assume it’s not that easy to go out through that narrow opening. You are being squeezed out through a tiny hole, shoved like a waste with a high level of force, a life-and-death experience indeed.

I can’t remember the pain and the struggle of going out from that passage; well I’m glad because I know I couldn’t bear it. For sure the pain was intolerable. However, there’s one person who can clearly remember the pain, the struggle – that life-and-death experience.

The bravest person on earth, salute!

She can clearly recall how her womb felt damn crazy when it’s about time to release the life inside her. She can testify objectively with how much pain she bore when the doctor tried to massaged her stomach (for so many times) for her to discharge the creature who had been kept within her for nine long months. She can narrate her experience, her insane experience, when she saw the knife that was used to cut some parts of the passage; it was as if death was cradling her during that incomparable moment.

The pain, struggle and the life and death experience didn’t end there; actually that was the start of her hell-like life here on earth. (just an exaggeration)

She’s my mom. Your mom. Our mothers.

–God sent them to take good care of the human race. They are made to take all the pain,struggles and the life and death experience.– 

Being a mother is not an easy task to do. It’s not like a course in college that you have to take for you to be ready and be prepared. It’s not a profession that you can quit on when the time comes that you’re not happy and already wasted with what has been happening. And it’s not a throne that you can just relinquish to others when you’re time is up.

There’s no constant equation. No matter how prepared the person is (because of books, advises from other people, etc) there will always have moments of unpreparedness when unexpected situations happen. She will only learn to handle these (shortcomings, problems) after she address it, right in that same moment.

Selfless, loving, caring, brave and genuine- she’s the one

Motherhood is forever. It has no ‘time’s up!’ nor ‘I quit”. So imagine how wonderful these creatures are- our mothers. God sent them to take good care of the human race. They are made to take all the pain, struggles and the life and death experience. They are one-of-a-kind.

Imagine the love that they are giving to each one of us, selfless. Imagine all the sacrifices that they are trying to overcome in all the days of their lives, extraordinary.

Life may be perceived as hell-like, but these people see it in a damn different way. They are mothers and they will always have the innate quality of being selfless, loving, caring, brave and genuine.

To my mom and to all the mothers in the world, Happy Mother’s day!

Thank you for being so brave and for always being there when no one seems to care. Thank you for the time, for those times that you scold us because we did something foolish, we (will) learn(ed), promise! Thank you so much!

You are the best and will always be!

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