Under the rush: Discovering the great Majayjay falls

Experience the rush!

Planning to have a summer getaway? Why not consider going to places where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and its wonders? Something different to experience for this summer season.

Being one with nature is a relaxation treat that we fail to appreciate. There are lots of nature hot spots here in our country, some are hidden, but sometimes these hidden places are considered the best.

When was the last time you experienced breathing fresh air from the woods? How about soaking yourself in a clean, pure, cold lake or river?

Majayjay falls River

Experience Majayjay Falls

In the heart of Laguna lies a waterfall that connects the river going to Quezon province and other towns of Laguna. It is popularly known as Majayjay falls since it is situated in the town with the same name.

Locals called it Taytay falls. Aling Elena, a kakanin vendor, explained how tourists renamed it Majayjay falls after the town, forgetting its real name which is Taytay falls.

“It’s always like that, you will hear them called it Majayjay instead of Taytay. There are only few of them who really know the real name of the falls,” Aling Elena said in native Tagalog.

Going to the place is ideal for a summer getaway, especially if you and your barkada are planning to have some sort of adventure. The place is secluded from the busy noise of the metro. The remote scenery will give you the feeling of tranquility and peace that your soul has been longing for.

The two-storey falls lands at the foot of Mt. Banahaw where plants and trees of different species co-exist. The water that flows from it is amazingly clean and clear. It is very inviting.

From the top you will see how the water continuously runs down to the river.  Upon reaching it, you have to hike downhill using small steps. You have to be very careful in using the path because it’s really narrow. In addition, each step is covered with moss that made it really slippery.

The enchanting Majayjay Falls

What is waiting for you below is scattered rocks and running water all over it. This scene could be really enticing. If you are to swim under this pool of rushing water, you have to be ready. Imagine yourself in a bath tub full of ice cubes, that’s how it is in Majayjay falls. You can probably swim out of excitement but surely, you will get rid of the water after few minutes in the deep.

They said that even during summers, Majayjay water remains very cold. That’s why many tourists prefer Majayjay falls as their summer destination. They are not only intact with the nature but they are also ridding themselves of the irritating summer heat.

Aling Elena even narrated how some tourists come back to re-experience the cold and refreshing Majayjay falls. “There are some who really go back to freshen themselves up, they say the place is ideal. They are not going to pay much for a very relaxing experience,” Aling Elena continued.

When was the last time you experienced breathing fresh air from the woods? How about soaking yourself in a clean, pure,cold lake or river?–

Aside from the falls, the tropical rainforest that covers the whole river view is another thing that people like about in Majayjay. The untouched environment and the abundance of forest has become one of the attractions of this groomed eco-tourism site. It embodies the appearance of nature in its ideal state and not abused.

With the help of the local government and residents in the area, the tourism site continues to be preserved.

Nature like you've never seen it before- The great Majayjay/Taytay falls

Tourists and even those locals who want to swim are required to pay an entrance fee of P40.00. This affordable fee goes to the preservation and development of the site. The common restroom, washing area, trash bins and the like are some of the little innovations that the Majayjay falls managerial team has established.

Mang Lito, one of the coordinators in preserving the falls said that if they did not put the little things in the area, people might litter elsewhere, waste elsewhere and wash their things elsewhere. “It is better to have these installed for them to use it. Things are still monitored regularly and there are always assigned personnel for clean ups,” Mang Lito added.

Most people who want to stay for a night are those who are ready to camp using their tents and camping paraphernalia. As seen from above, campers are all over the place. This is the main reason why the management is implementing stricter rules like waste segregation. This will help preserve the beauty of the falls while we are enjoying it at its best.

Some Tip to Remember

Majayjay falls do not have enough rooms to accommodate everyone who visits. You have to make sure that you have the camping tools and equipment in case you are not lucky enough to get a room.

In terms of food to bring, it is a suggestion to pack light and bring easy to consume foods like can goods and hotdogs. This will ease the burden that you and your group might experience along the way. In short, in going to Majayjay for a night stay, imagine yourself as a real camper, it really helps.

Perfect for summer getaway

Perfect for summer getaway

When it comes to the transportation, it is advisable to have your own wheels. Public transportation can be very rare at times in going in and out of Majayjay falls. If you don’t want to get stuck waiting for long hours, you better prioritize having a private transportation.

With these simple tips, people are assured that they will enjoy their stay in Majayjay. Imbibe the beauty of nature and be enchanted with Majayjay falls.

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