I survived!

‘I’ notes:

I realized something essential when I was on my way to submit an entry for a writing-literary contest.

It started with an ask-because-your-not- familiar-with-the-place thing; I went out of my way to ask the people around, for me to be able to reach the place immediately because of another appointment in a nearby area in Makati. When I reached a corner of seems-like motorcycle riders having their afternoon rest/siesta, I tried my luck and asked them, luckily they knew where i wanted to go.

“Pwede ka naming ihatid do’n, pag nag-antay ka pa ng bus o jeep matatagalan ka (We can take you there, waiting for a bus or a jeep might take too much of your time)”

At first I was wondrin’ how they could take me to the place, the only thing I saw in the area were some old motorcycles, until they offered me a motorcycle back-ride for only P40, I thought a bit before grabbing it.

I reached the office faster than I expected. Though the experience was really intense and too dangerous (literally a roller coaster ride!) I’m proud to say that i survived the ride! Thanks to those manongs who have the most creative means of transportation and took an extra care to assure the safety of their passenger.  With that, setting aside my personal fear and excitement, I realized the capacity of every person to think for his survival, by any means.

–The thirst for survival really goes hand in hand with perseverance and determination.–

I remembered my professor told us that every human being has an innate ability to think for his survival. Whatever happens, there will always this driving force that will make each one of us cope with the everyday struggles and shortcomings of life, successful in everything that we do and satisfied with the craft that we chose to do.

Because surviving is living a limitless life.

Like our fellow workers, from the construction industry up to the academe and those manongs with their motorcycle-back-ride service. Being in the work force arena is one concrete proof that people tend to exhaust all possible ways just to survive.

People don’t mind (well most of them, and those who do not have any choice) what job to take for as long as they are getting foods for their tummies and for as long as they are living a descent life, again like the manongs who created a way to produce some income. The thirst for survival really goes hand in hand with perseverance and determination. Without these, life will not be easy (unfortunately).

I salute those drivers, teachers, factory workers, farmers, fishermen, fishball vendors, taho and balut vendors and the whole work force who continue to fight their survival and/or continue to think of ways to survive. Without them things will never be the same again.

Mapagpalayang Araw ng mga Manggagawa!

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