The baptism

‘I’ notes:

                       I was finally baptized.

I believe that in every skill that we want to acquire we have to know first the basics.

Computer operations, calculations, driving and of course photography, we all need to be familiar with the simple how-to before we call ourselves real pros.

That’s why after I bought my DSLR, I enrolled in Basic Photography class to know more about the craft and get familiar with all the necessary things about Photography and the camera itself. We used manual camera and the old-school film and process our own pictures using all those chemicals and tools in developing. It was really fun. I enjoyed it a lot.

Now that I am baptized already, I am sure that I will be a big shot in the future. God knows.

Here are some of the pictures I took after I got excited using my first-ever film. And yes, my first try failed but I’m still up for the challenge. I’ll post some of my first successful shots in the future. God speed!

1stfilm-Manual Photography

My first film and negative

1stfilm- Manual Photography

My Emo film l Subject: Inanimate objects

1stfilm- Manual Photography

I tried really hard, but i think failure made me aim for a perfect shot! 🙂