Baler, Philippines: Experiencing the Epic Waves and a Whole Lot More

The idea of playing with a huge water-board was ecstatic.

However, more than this water sport, I realize that there are many other things in Baler that i should be thrilled about; and these I experienced together with my friends in a full-packed three-day trip.

I don’t want to discuss anymore the how-tos/ travel guide and tips because I know that there are many blogs entries out there talking about this same usual topic, let the captured images below do the talking and present the exquisite beauty of Baler. Nature, history and custom in one exciting trip that I will never forget.

Museo De Baler

Museo De Baler

Facade of the famous Museo de Baler.

manuel l quezon statue

In the middle of a plaza-liked space in front of the museum is a life-sized statue of the country’s ‘Ama ng Wikang Pambansa’ , Manuel L. Quezon.

Manuel Quezon

Image of Manuel L. Quezon placed inside the museum, honoring the country’s champion of the national language.

art piece-museo de baler

One of my favorite art pieces in the museum. A miniature of an old sea transportation. Amazing!

Painting-Museo De Baler

A painting commissioned by former senator Angara. It shows the rich culture and history of the province.

Great Water Sceneries

overlooking from PAGASA

Overlooking. From where we stand (PAGASA headquarter’s rooftop) you can see this overwhelming beauty, I’m speechless.

overlooking from PAGASA2

Peace and serenity. Its how I characterized this shot. Peaceful yet breath-taking. I hope I can always have a view like this whenever I need to escape from all the stress of the world.

The Estuary. Have you ever encountered a real one? The feeling is out of this world. Rock!

The Estuary. Have you ever encountered a real one? The feeling is out of this world. Rock!

Lukso-Lukso Islets

The Islets. Famously tagged as the Lukso-lukso islets. One of the attractions in Baler that a traveler/ foreigner should not miss. One word, Fantastic!

big falls-baler

Mother of all falls. The Ditumabo Falls, the highest in Baler that will make you scream for so much excitement. Expectedly, the water is as cold as ice but nevertheless, the experience was incomparable.

little falls- baler

Beside the huge, tall falls are these cute little ones. Nature at its best.

little falls- closeup- baler

The little one’s closeup shot.

Other Interesting Finds

Lobster- Baler

Huge Lobster for Sale. In one of the cariderias that we visited, we saw these huge creatures ready to be eaten. We didn’t try it due to its luxurious price, we thought of spending our money to other more  important things.

century tree

The Epic Century Tree. Its enormous and creepy. This balete tree is said to be as old as the elders of Baler.

After all these side trips, we went to the Sabang spot where we did the much-anticipated water activity- the surfing. The overcast weather was perfect that we didn’t worry us getting sunburns. The waves were not that great but all enough for first-timers like us.

And yes, after all the abrupt slides and painful bumps, most of us managed to balance and do the surfing moves. Happy and proud!


Mr. Alex Santillan, one of my friends, in action. Thanks Extreme Outdoor for this shot!


Quality time at ‘Southwinds’

Family get together can never be replaced and still the best experience a person could ever have.

People can talk about and share different events or moments they spent with their families when they were kids- it’s fun. But having those life events with them aren’t as easy to have as the old times. When kiddos finally got their own lives and started to walk on independently, having quality time with these love ones hardly happens and sometimes doesn’t at all.

‘I’ notes:
That’s why when it’s time for us to celebrate my brother’s and sister’s birthday, I cancelled all my appointments and went on to celebrate with them.

It’s been a while since we had that kind of get together. I, once again, experienced the beauty of having a family. It was refreshing. It was really comforting.

We held the celebration in one of the resorts along Brgy. Pansol in Calamba, Laguna. The resort was named Southwinds (I guess because of the cold breeze that you can experience during the late afternoon)

It is a nice place. You can relax (because of Mt. Makiling’s view) and enjoy at the same time (because of all the amenities they have). The place is clean and cozy. Since it is a newly-opened resort, everything is in order; facilities are new and really inviting. They made the place very simple yet stylish and exquisite.

Aside from these, people around (I mean the staff and crew) are caring and warm. This is another reason, I think, why they have lots of customers even though it’s not in the peak season.

I included some pictures to make this entry a little more visual.

This is the facade of the resort. Nicely done.

Inside the resort-clean, refreshing and yes, relaxing

They have 4 big swimming pools

If you’re interested and would like to experience Southwinds

Contact Details:
Resort Address: National Highway, Bo. Pansol Calamba Laguna
Telephone No: (049) 502-8060, (049) 502-8854

Play of lights

Going home after tons of workloads is the best moment everyone has been all waiting for.

Daydreaming. Planning. Craving.

What to eat? Where to go? How to go?

These are the things that run in everybody’s mind once they think of going out of the office and walk their way home. Well, who can blame them?

Tower of one of the biggest TV stations in the Philippines

‘I’ notes:

I fantasize a lot when I am in the middle of doing something; when I am stuck in the middle of meetings for five to ten long hours; when everybody thinks that working too much is just fine.

When it’s about to go home, my camera is always with me, walking with me. It’s a kind of relaxation which is soothing to the soul, really refreshing and cannot be replaced. I love going home because this is the only time I can be as creative as I can and can do things without restrictions- freedom.

Here are two of the pictures I took when I was about to go home. I took some clicks and had some play of lights.

Starry, starry night, it’s time for me to go home and take some rest

Drastic change: Our Sagada summer getaway

A personal experience: ‘I’ notes

We’ve been planning a grand vacation this 2012. It’s already our group’s tradition to spend a vacation to some good places that we’ve never been before.

This is the time of the year where we are all (temporarily) free from our responsibilities (well I guess most of us), professionally and/or academically; the season to take a short break from all the exhaustion brought by tons of workloads, to breathe some fresh air; and the best opportunity to be together, enjoy each other’s company and have fun.

We tried looking for the best resort in town. We considered Palawan, Pagudpod and Boracay, however our thirst to experience something new made this vacation a lot better and intensely incomparable!

Nature + Culture = Sagada, Mt. Province

We decided to take away resorts and/or beaches from the list of options. We’ve done a lot of it, so why not explore other ways to enjoy the summer vacation? Until we saw a tour package in the internet which was, I think, tempting and a bit affordable- a Sagada trip.

Sagada was introduced to me by my history and (Philippine) culture teachers. Most of them reiterated how wonderful Sagada is and how fantastic the hanging coffins are. More than that, I’ve read lots of stories and watched some television specials where Sagada was highlighted and being used as a story location. With these, I dreamed of setting my feet in this culturally-rich and mountainous placeof Luzon.

The 5th class municipality in the province of Mountain Province


Facts about Sagada:

     Sagada is a 5th class municipality in the province of Mountain Province, Philippines. According to the latest census,it has a population of 10,930 people in 2,158 households.

     It is located 275 km. north of Manila, 140 km. from Baguio, and it is adjacent to Bontoc, the provincial capital.

     Sagada is famous for its “hanging coffins”. This is a traditional way of burying people that is still utilized.

     Popular activities include trekking, exploring both caves and waterfalls, spelunking, bonfires, picnics, rappelling, visiting historical    sites, nature hikes, and participating in tribal celebrations.


Enchanting scenery of Sagada

We decided to take the tour package to take our summer getaway in a higher level of adventure. After we saw the itinerary, we couldn’t help but to be amazed and be more excited. It was full-packed from day one up the last day.

Ipod: Fully-charged; camera: fully-charged; water container: full. Ready for long hours of road trip.

The departure

Our group left Alabang at around nine in the evening after we talked to the trip coordinator and made sure that the vehicle was fine. The first few hours were smooth and all right, we’re all in the midst of thinking what to see and experience in that well-reviewed Sagada.

We chatted, threw jokes to each one of us and then slept when we got tired of laughing. Some of us stayed awake.

Banawe Rice Terraces up close and personal

We took the Bulacan route instead of taking the expressway. On our way to Sagada, we passed through series of mountains which was a good subject for photography. Though I am used to seeing those (because I grew up going back and forth to my mom’s native place Abra), I still enjoyed the sceneries with my friends, took a lot of pictures and made lots of crazy memories.

We reached our transient house after approximately 20-hour drive. Though were a bit disappointed, we still looked on a brighter side, were safe and no one got harmed.

Our Itinerary and the epic three days

With what happened, we weren’t able to follow the schedule that was given to us but fortunately we found a remedy to be able to have/do everything in the list of activities. A little adjustment and modification and we’re on the right track again.

Here’s a copy of our supposed itinerary.

Day 0
2000 Departure from Manila

Day 1
0600 ETA Sagada.
0700 Breakfast at Sagada town proper
0800 St. Mary’s church, Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins, Sagada Weaving
1100 Check in at hotel; freshen up
1200 Lunch
1400 Caving adventure
1900 Dinner
2000 Return to hotel. Rest

Day 2
0700 Breakfast. Buy packed lunch for the trek
0830 Trek Aguid Rice Terraces. Swimming at Bomod-ok Falls (aka Big Falls)
1200 Picnic lunch at the falls. Free time
1300 Return to Sagada proper. Visit the Ganduyan museum.
1400 Free time (souvenir hunting,, food tripping)
1900 Dinner
2000 Return to hotel. Rest

Day 3
0500 Sunrise at kiltepan view deck
0700 Breakfast
0830 Departure to Banaue. Check out from the hotel.
0900 Photo stop at Bontoc Rice Terraces
1100 Photo stop at Banaue Rice Terraces
1200 Lunch at Nueva Vizcaya
1300 Departure to Manila
2200 ETA Manila.

After we had lunch in Banawe proper and witnessed their amazing rice terraces (though it’s not as good as those seen in many postcards), we visited the Sagada weaving and shop. We saw the weaving process using a structure made out of wood.

Our co-adventurer trying out the weaving equipment

Being resourceful and creative was seen in the way they produced every cloth that was then turned into some ethnic bags, purses and clothes. And it took (i’m sure) a lot of patience to finish a yard of weave cloth, not that easy and definitely time-consuming. All praise to our native weavers!

–The feeling is exquisite; it was like as if I reached the clear blue sky while experiencing the scorching heat of the sun and a mild cold breeze brought by mountains and pine trees around, perfect combination.–

Next stop, the Echo valley. We took a 20-minute hike to get into the site. You might think of crazy things when you are about to go to the area. Why? Because you will be passing into a small cemetery with some huge cows at the middle of it and there’s no way you can avoid it. I think the tradition says that while passing through a cemetery you should at least say a prayer to those dead people, that’s what I did.

The scariest part of the route going to the valley, scary!!

On our way down, our guide told us to shout at the top of our lungs. We heard clear echoes of our voices that made us amazed. We realized that the site’s name was nothing but the literal meaning of what can be very prominent in the place, Echo valley because of the clear and loud echoes it can produce.

Down in the area, we found some coffins hanged in a big rock (or maybe a small  part of the mountain). During that time, our guide warned us about the sacredness of those coffins and, traditionally they (the coffins) demand enough courtesy from those people who are just visiting the area.

Sagada’s hanging coffin, i remembered my teachers 🙂

“Those rich and prominent people during the old times where the only people who can be hanged with their coffins. They are given reverence through offerings, like those you are seeing right now, chairs, cloth, etc.” said Tig-aw, our native tour guide.

After the Echo valley trek, we went back to our house to prepare some food for dinner. Day one was over.

      Second day, rise and shine!

Our second day was marked with a lot of intense adventures: trekking, hiking, rock climbing, spelunking (caving) and (super) cold water falls.

AKA ‘The big falls’

We went first to the Bomod-ok falls or the Big falls to take a bath. It took us two hours to reach the falls area- a two-hour trek in Aquid rice terraces.

On our way down to the falls, we saw big land areas that were turned into a rice fields. It was like staircases holding millions of golden grains that were arranged perfectly in a linear form. That could be a great place for those who want to achieve serenity even just for a while. The feeling is exquisite; it was like as if I reached the clear blue sky while experiencing the scorching heat of the sun and a mild cold breeze brought by mountains and pine trees around, perfect combination.

The golden grains of Sagada

It was a long walk and it really tried my stamina, but at the end of it was a fascinating scene that I never saw before, the big falls. It was fulfilling.

The falls was as high as the building that can be seen in the metropolis. Surrounded with shrubs and rocks, the place was astonishing. The water from the falls was so cold and clear.

The rocks that surround the falls were another thing that we enjoyed. We climbed up the rock walls (though it’s a bit dangerous) to explore the other side of it. It was beautiful. Rocks are arranged as if it was man-made, plants of different kinds covered lots of its surface and a pond was like made for those creatures that couldn’t distracted, everything was at peace.

We went up (to our vehicle) after we ate our lunch beside the falls. It was another two hours of epic climb and for me, going up was more exhausting than going down.

After that tiring trek and climb, we finally reach the highest point of the trip, the highlight, the climax.

Our trip’s climax- Lumiang cave’s entrance

If you are to read the reviews in the internet, you will be seeing a lot about the caves of Sagada. Well, it’s no different with the other caves that we can find in other places; there are rock formations, bat caves and lots of bat poops (unfortunately). I think the best part of the Sagada caving adventure that made it outstanding among the others was the way the tour inside was executed by the guides, especially ours.

Rules were strictly monitored to avoid accidents. The formations inside were creatively and wittingly presented. We were helped all throughout the caving adventure and some of us were even carried at some point inside the cave. They even took our pictures for us not to be harmed.

Sumaging cave adventure

We took the biggest cave which they called Sumaging cave instead of taking the three-hour cave connection or the Lumiang cave. We wanted to try first the easiest one before going to a more complicated route.

Sumaging is home to thousands of bats. Closer to the cave opening, we came upon the already familiar bat-dung section that draped the rocky cave-scape. While navigating, you’ll be introduced to its slippery texture and ammonia-like odor. It’s all part of the Sumaging experience.

Inside the cave we encountered underground streams and natural pools. The stalactite (from the ceiling) and the stalagmite (growing from the floor) formations made us imagine that we are walking inside a primitive palace. Some of the formations are golden and some are silvery.

The human ladder- it’s different!

The first parts were slippery however, when we reach the middle part of the cave where the underground stream and natural pools were located, the surface became more ideal for walking. The adventure intensely went up when we finally went through a human ladder (your personal tour guides) and after we passed through some narrow areas of the cave that need some rope to be able to go down or up.

We were able to finish the cave adventure, though one of us wasn’t able to go down because of phobia of heights.

The caving adventure actually concluded our Sagada trip. After all the activities that we did, we all want to scream: “We survived Sagada!!!!”

   The last day, road trip- again!

The third and last day became like a town tour and souvenir hunting time. We went to the highest point at Kiltepan view deck and in Baguio’s Strawberry farm (bonus for us!). It was the best way to end that three-day trip.

They survived Sagada!!!!

This year’s summer trip was really the best and memorable. Now, I can’t wait for another grand vacation to discover and explore the hidden treasures of our country.

I did!

Enjoy and live life to the fullest!

Want to see more of Sagada? click here

Source: Sagada facts


Photo credits:

Star Alcorcon, Laurence Marbella, Alex Santillan

A closer encounter with the fifth region

The serene and exciting beauty of the fifth region

Bicol region is known for its spicy foods such as Bicol express and the original Laing, the best-tasting pili nuts and the smallest and the biggest fish in the world.

The peninsula and the other islands comprising the region are also home to a chain of mountains and volcanoes.  These give it a unique geographical appeal because of the great contrast between massive land masses and the surrounding seas.

The presence of the divine nature hovers in the air as if they are suddenly limited by another and yet they create a certain harmony that both gives the feeling of watched and taken care of by a mystical force.

The famous pili nuts

Bicol’s hot spots

The country’s fifth region. It has a total land area of 17,632.5 km2 or 5.9% of the total land area of the Philippines. It is said to be volcanic in origin because of the number of volcanoes, hot springs and crater lakes that surround the whole region.

Aside from these, the famous perfect conical shape of Mayon volcano and being part of the Pacific Ring of Fire best describe the region, but what else should people know about this rich, mountainous region of the south?

The Virgin of Peñafrancia Church, Naga City

Landing in Naga is a good place to start.  Naga is a first-class independent city.  It is the cultural and economic center of the region.

Here you can find different specialty stores that sell decorative pieces, souvenir items and lots of Bicol goodies. It was like the usual metropolis because of the public transportations and different establishments, but the locals make the place more different by being so accommodating despite the use of different vernacular.

A few hours of drive will bring you to one of Bicol’s pride-  Camarines Sur or simply CamSur.

Camarines Sur is where the wakeboarding is.  A water sports complex was built at the heart of CamSur that makes it more ideal for a summer getaway.  There is a man-made lagoon wherein a person rides on a board as he is being pulled by a rope that is powered by a system of pulleys and conveyors.

The thrilling wakeboarding experience

Star Alcorcon, a wakeboarding first timer from Manila shared her extreme experience on this emerging water sport in the Philippines. “It was fun and exciting!” she said.

“It is difficult in the beginning because it requires strong arms.  Being able to maintain being on the board is also another challenge,” Alcorcon said  in Filipino, when asked to share her difficulties as a first time wake boarder.

Native cottages of CamSur Water Sports Complex

The CamSur water sports complex is a place not only for interested Filipinos but also for those tourists around the world. Hundreds of foreigners do visit CamSur everyday to experience the Boracay-inspired beach and of course, to do wake boarding.

“There is an increase in the number of foreigners that visit this newly developed CamSur water sports complex. Most of the time they (foreigners) will stay here for weeks and even month because they like being in the beach and the water sports that we are offering,” Mr. Raul Ocampo, one of the sports complex supervisor said.

High with Bicol’s Mayon and other mountains

Mayon leaves you in awe when it chooses to show itself.  It is always hidden by clouds and there are only brief moments when its peak is left visible.  Its majestic and almost perfect cone shape is a testimony of how the power that created nature really is.

The majestic Mayon volcano, perfect cone-shaped isn’t it?

Mayon gives a sense of security for it makes its presence felt and leaves the people watched and protected all.  An excellent way of exploring Mayon from afar is going around it.

–The presence of the divine nature hovers in the air as if they are suddenly limited by another and yet they create a certain harmony that both gives the feeling of watched and taken care of by a mystical force.–

Mayon is an isolated mountain so it is possible to go around it.  Every face of the mountains gives a different feel to it.  At the end of the day, one can only say that he has seen Mayon if he has seen all of its faces.

An attraction to see: The church tower of Cagsawa church

Aside from Mayon, Mt. Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon , Mt. Asog/Iriga, Mt. Isarog/Panicuason Trail, Mt. Isarog/Patag-Patag Trail, Mt. Labo, Mt. Malinao,  Mt. Masaraga, and Mt. Pulog, are also ideal places for mountaineers. These trails are not as beautiful as Mayon’s but it’s interesting to find out the hidden mystery of each mountain trail.

The famous Butandings

Donsol is where you can find the biggest fish in the world – the Rhincodon typus.  Hearing that it is a shark will

automatically make people think more than twice to meet this giant.  However it is the most gentle giant that the seas can offer.  It filters the waters and feed on algae, plankton, krill,  crab larvae, and small squid or vertebrates.

Butanding from afar

After reaching the place, an orientation will be done to be every curious Butanding watchers. In the orientation, visitors will be informed about the basic things to remember when coming into close distance with the Butandings.

You can never be too close so as not to disturb the big sea creature.  Three meters is the recommended distance.

Butanding gets closer

“They can really be sensitive. We don’t want to disturb their marine habitat. For those tourists who will not follow our instructions, they are immediately transported to the shore,” said one of the managers of Butanding watching attraction.

He also added that they are protecting the Butandings from being harmed. This will only be achieved if there are strict rules to follow.

“This attraction is made not for mere enjoyment. We are encouraging the people to take good care of these creatures so that it will reach the next generation,” he added.

Boatmen always come in four – the captain, the spotter and two other crews.  They try their best to ensure that their passengers get the satisfaction of watching the whale shark.

The huge whale shark of the fifth region

“It is not always easy to spot a whale shark.  Moving away from the shore takes around 30 minutes. For those who choose to swim and have contact with the whale shark, it is easier,” Mang Felix, one of the boatmen, said in Filipino.

The boatmen have to look for a whale shark and drop you off into the water and leave you so as to not disturb the whale shark (because of the boat’s engine).  For those who choose to just watch the whale sharks, things are a little bit more challenging.

The boatmen do not always follow the rules in terms of contact.  When they see a boat heading towards a whale shark, others follow.  This greatly disturbs the whale sharks and makes them swim away.

“The boat ride lasts for two hours can be extended depending on the visibility of whale shark.  We are more than happy when we see passengers become excited when they see the whale shark,” Mang Felix ended.

Bicol in not just another place to visit, it has a lot of exciting surprises that will surely make everyone satisfied and happy. The thrilling and jaw dropping nature encounter in Bicol can never be replaced by the themed-parks and huge malls of the metro.

Under the rush: Discovering the great Majayjay falls

Experience the rush!

Planning to have a summer getaway? Why not consider going to places where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and its wonders? Something different to experience for this summer season.

Being one with nature is a relaxation treat that we fail to appreciate. There are lots of nature hot spots here in our country, some are hidden, but sometimes these hidden places are considered the best.

When was the last time you experienced breathing fresh air from the woods? How about soaking yourself in a clean, pure, cold lake or river?

Majayjay falls River

Experience Majayjay Falls

In the heart of Laguna lies a waterfall that connects the river going to Quezon province and other towns of Laguna. It is popularly known as Majayjay falls since it is situated in the town with the same name.

Locals called it Taytay falls. Aling Elena, a kakanin vendor, explained how tourists renamed it Majayjay falls after the town, forgetting its real name which is Taytay falls.

“It’s always like that, you will hear them called it Majayjay instead of Taytay. There are only few of them who really know the real name of the falls,” Aling Elena said in native Tagalog.

Going to the place is ideal for a summer getaway, especially if you and your barkada are planning to have some sort of adventure. The place is secluded from the busy noise of the metro. The remote scenery will give you the feeling of tranquility and peace that your soul has been longing for.

The two-storey falls lands at the foot of Mt. Banahaw where plants and trees of different species co-exist. The water that flows from it is amazingly clean and clear. It is very inviting.

From the top you will see how the water continuously runs down to the river.  Upon reaching it, you have to hike downhill using small steps. You have to be very careful in using the path because it’s really narrow. In addition, each step is covered with moss that made it really slippery.

The enchanting Majayjay Falls

What is waiting for you below is scattered rocks and running water all over it. This scene could be really enticing. If you are to swim under this pool of rushing water, you have to be ready. Imagine yourself in a bath tub full of ice cubes, that’s how it is in Majayjay falls. You can probably swim out of excitement but surely, you will get rid of the water after few minutes in the deep.

They said that even during summers, Majayjay water remains very cold. That’s why many tourists prefer Majayjay falls as their summer destination. They are not only intact with the nature but they are also ridding themselves of the irritating summer heat.

Aling Elena even narrated how some tourists come back to re-experience the cold and refreshing Majayjay falls. “There are some who really go back to freshen themselves up, they say the place is ideal. They are not going to pay much for a very relaxing experience,” Aling Elena continued.

When was the last time you experienced breathing fresh air from the woods? How about soaking yourself in a clean, pure,cold lake or river?–

Aside from the falls, the tropical rainforest that covers the whole river view is another thing that people like about in Majayjay. The untouched environment and the abundance of forest has become one of the attractions of this groomed eco-tourism site. It embodies the appearance of nature in its ideal state and not abused.

With the help of the local government and residents in the area, the tourism site continues to be preserved.

Nature like you've never seen it before- The great Majayjay/Taytay falls

Tourists and even those locals who want to swim are required to pay an entrance fee of P40.00. This affordable fee goes to the preservation and development of the site. The common restroom, washing area, trash bins and the like are some of the little innovations that the Majayjay falls managerial team has established.

Mang Lito, one of the coordinators in preserving the falls said that if they did not put the little things in the area, people might litter elsewhere, waste elsewhere and wash their things elsewhere. “It is better to have these installed for them to use it. Things are still monitored regularly and there are always assigned personnel for clean ups,” Mang Lito added.

Most people who want to stay for a night are those who are ready to camp using their tents and camping paraphernalia. As seen from above, campers are all over the place. This is the main reason why the management is implementing stricter rules like waste segregation. This will help preserve the beauty of the falls while we are enjoying it at its best.

Some Tip to Remember

Majayjay falls do not have enough rooms to accommodate everyone who visits. You have to make sure that you have the camping tools and equipment in case you are not lucky enough to get a room.

In terms of food to bring, it is a suggestion to pack light and bring easy to consume foods like can goods and hotdogs. This will ease the burden that you and your group might experience along the way. In short, in going to Majayjay for a night stay, imagine yourself as a real camper, it really helps.

Perfect for summer getaway

Perfect for summer getaway

When it comes to the transportation, it is advisable to have your own wheels. Public transportation can be very rare at times in going in and out of Majayjay falls. If you don’t want to get stuck waiting for long hours, you better prioritize having a private transportation.

With these simple tips, people are assured that they will enjoy their stay in Majayjay. Imbibe the beauty of nature and be enchanted with Majayjay falls.

Photo credits: